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Here are a couple of things that I have come across this morning that you might find interesting. I know I did……

DE-Baptism takes root in America (sad)

 Rob Bell finally tips his hand—Fighting 4 the Faith

Top 10 Reason Why Young Adults Drop Out of Church–Lifeway Research Poll

Nature-Deficit Disorder—Dr. Al Mohler

I sometimes wonder if this whole life is a dream. And it’s stories like these that keep that thought coming back


Praise Time At New Spring

“Hannah Montana” Gives Thumbs -Up To Gay Marriage     

Woman Sees Jesus In Cheese Toast

The Buddist Episcopalian



Meet John Piper—SGM

Can Faith Based Programs Keep the Faith?–Dr. Al Mohler

Return of the Fairness Doctine?—Baptist Press

Abortion is Murder—I’ll Be Honest—————–*WARNING This video is very graphic, but it exposes abortion for what it is, so watch at your own discretion

Gay Bishop get’s called down (Thanks George for the link)

Universalism is cool….NOT!  (You’ve got to check out the video at the end)

Some Good News

Obama’s Muslim Faith?? (Thanks Bryan for the video)