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That was the question debated last night on ABC’s Nightline. While the topic is very “provocative” , I don’t think the T.V. show did anything to help answer the question. If  a person was watching and really wanted to know the answer, I’m sure they are more confused now. Here is a link to the on-line version, which is a little more in-depth. I was really disappointed, (but not shocked), that on T.V. they allowed Bishop Pearson to inject his opinion on why the Bible is not the inspired Word of God, but they edited Pastor Mark Driscoll’s response. Another thought I had was, I wish that Dr. James White would’ve been ask to participate in this debate. I’m sure he does too.Anyway I’d like to hear your opinions on how you thought the “debate” went. What,if anything, was good about and what was bad…………….



“Soon I will be heading out to speak at a Desiring God Conference for Dr. John Piper. He has asked me to speak on Christ, controversy, and cutting remarks, or something like that. Basically, the gist is that no matter what I say, the critics who forget the whole plank-speck thing Jesus talked about will make every effort to turn it into controversy with their cutting remarks. Should be fun.” Read More Here…

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