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This Sunday my church will be saying good-bye to our Pastor and friend, Josh Buice. This is not a moment that I have been looking forward to. I just found this video of an interview with Paul Washer and I as I was listening to him describe how a Pastor should be, I couldn’t help but to think THIS IS Bro. Josh. I hope that the members at Cornerstone realize what we are losing and that they are praying along with me that God has a man like this in store for us. Prays Mill Baptist Church you are getting a wonderful Pastor and great man of God. Cornerstone I pray that we continue pressing forward and building on the foundation that has been laid, For the Glory of God alone……….

Here’s and excerpt from one of Pastor Josh’s sermons…………..


Another great video put together by the fine folks at I’ll Be Honest.

Don’t think the way you live you life matters? Think again!~ I am ashamed at how many times I have failed in this area………….

Here’s another awesome video from the fine folks over at I’ll Be Honest. Be prepared to have your world rocked…………….


Having worked with youth in the past, and having a 15 yr. old son., This video hits pretty close to home. I know I was guilty of trying to be friends with youth in my charge, and thought I was doing good if they stayed out of trouble and came to church. I wish I would’ve taken the time that I had with them to lead them into lifestyle of holiness………


Amidst all the idol worship that has taken place over the last few days and culminating today with the public memorial service for Mr. Jackson, I have struggled to come to grips why we lift up celebrities as much as we do(notice I said “we”, this includes me) . While I still don’t fully understand America’s love affair with a pop star that has not been relevant in 20 yrs, and why people are grieving over someone that they did not really know, I found this video (put together by the guy’s over at I’ll Be Honest) that has changed my feelings of disgust at our society to one of thinking somehow God may be glorified in all this.


2 Ch. 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways,Then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land”