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Here is a link to the video of John Piper’s sermon from last week’s Gospel Coalition Conference. If you don’t like to watch video’s I’ll also post the manuscript.


Feed the Flame!

Feed it, Timothy. Feed it. Feed this flame! Because if you don’t, it will go out. Don’t quench this spirit, Timothy. It is a gift from God. Fan it till it is white-hot. Feed it till it is all ablaze. Everything else in this passage serves to explain and empower that feeding, that gift, that courage, that speaking and suffering for that gospel. Timothy, keep feeding the white-hot flame of God’s gift—of unashamed courage to speak openly of Christ and to suffer for the gospel.

Here’s where we’re going with this main point. First, we will see where it comes from in the text. Second, we will see that it’s the burden of the whole book, not just this paragraph. Third, we will see how Paul intends for this feeding the flame of God’s gift to happen. And fourth, we will do it, that is, I will take Paul’s fuel and, by the Spirit, try to feed the flame of God’s gift in your life.  Read the whole manuscript here.

*note* Most of you asll know how much I respect Pastor John Piper. This sermon ranks in my top 5.

I am currently watching this conference via live streaming on the internet. Here is the link to the Ligonier Conference. I encourage anyone wanting to know more about John Calvin,like me, to tune in and listen. Especially those that have a wrong idea about the man. I was just thinking the timing of this conference couldn’t be better, since the discussion of Calvinism has hit the secular media i.e. Time Magazine.


*UPDATE* I strongly encourage you to listen to Dr. Mohlers message on John Calvin: Teacher and Preacher. Especially the preaching part. Great stuff……