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We are taking advantage of this month’s shutdown by making an official visit to Boyce. We are both excited and nervous. We decided to turn this into our summer vacation as well. We added a couple of extra days to the 2 we already had planned. Kentucky Kingdom and The Creation Museum are on our list of  things to do. Hopefully we can fit some house hunting and a baseball game into the schedule as well. One thing we are really looking forward to is worshipping with our longtime friends, the Kneips, at their new church home. We are praying that this trip will be another tool God uses to confirm our feeling that He is calling us into full-time ministry.

On another note……I got to share my testimony with a man that found my wallet in the parking lot of our local Wal-Mart. He found my wallet and got in contact with a co-worker of mine that had given me his business card. I had to drive 40 minutes out into the middle of nowhere to get it back, but when I got there everything was in my wallet and I told the man how much I appreciated his helping me out. The conversation quickly turned to God and “what would Jesus do”. That’s when I shared my testimony and hopefully the gospel in a way that he understands that his good works will not get him saved(he claimed to be C.O.C). Repentance and faith is what I tried to convey. I hope God will use my lost wallet for His glory!

Until next time continue to contend for the Faith!!!


This past Sunday and Monday our church had the awesome privilege to have Pastor Rod Glatt from Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church come and preach a 2 day revival. I’ve been a part of week long revivals that  have not had as much meat preached in them as did this one. Not only were the text he preached on food for the soul, but the excellent exposition and teaching on these scriptures was exactly what we needed to hear. Somehow he was able to preach these verses so that it was meant for the redeemed and the lost. “Are You Saved” was the theme of the revival, and he used Eph. 2:8-10 (Sun. morning) Eph. 1:3-6 (Sun. night) and John 15:15-17 (Mon night). He preached these difficult verses in a clear and simple way, he didn’t try to run from or  sugarcoat the truths that these verses present, and I for one appreciate that. The thing that I took away from this series of meetings was something I never get tired of hearing= God gets the ALL the glory for my salvation!! I think the true measure of success for a revival is if the church can still see the effects of it weeks down the road. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t. It was a series of messages like the ones we just heard that can make a church turn a corner and really start making an impact on the community it serves and more importantly for the Kingdom of God.

 In other news… Mystie has got all her resumes turned in and now we are just waiting for interview opportunities. I’m waiting on a packet from Boyce so that we can go visit the campus and talk to some people about what we feel God is calling us to do. Hopefully we can do some apartment hunting while we are up there. The kids have less than a week of school left before they start their summer vacations. I want to thank the Historic Protestant and Mrs H.P. for opening their house up to us and the Keifers Monday evening. We had a wonderful time sitting around discussing the things of God. .


That’s all for now………..

 Where do I start? I guess by saying, that after 10 yrs of running from God’s call on my life, we have surrendered to Him. After much prayer and discussion, my family and I have decided to take a leap of faith. Next year we will be moving to Louisville and I will be attending Boyce Bible College and preparing myself for Southern Seminary. I’m still praying about exactly what God’s call on my life is, but I received a letter this week from the Missions track leader from Boyce……………I’m just sayin’.:). Anyway we realize the struggles that lay ahead, but we are trusting in God to get us through them and your prayers will be greatly appreciated.(I plan on blogging in greater detail the whole story about why now soon)

 In other news-My wife officially graduated with her teaching degree and license. Her final GPA was a 3.8. I am extremely proud of her. I guess I’m fixing to find out how hard it is to go to school and have a family. I’m sure my appreciation for what she has achieved, even though it is great now, will increase.

Last week I joined up for the “Biggest Loser” competition at our church. I am happy to report that after week one I dropped 10lbs. I plan on cranking it up to another level this week.

This past Thursday I had the privilege to meet with a brother in Christ that is a new member of our church. It’s always good to sit down with people and talk about the things of God, especially new people. I hope that was the first of many conversations.

Other than that, things have been pretty normal.