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These books are on my short list to buy and read…………………..











Needless to say, I went into the local Christain bookstore armed with a $30 gift card and a $5 coupon and none of these selections were available…………..


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New Testament: John( because that’s the book Pastor Josh is preaching through right now)

Old Testament: Job (because that’s the book our fellowship group at work is going through) *note Galatians is next

Books: “The Future of Justification”—John Piper

 “Confessions of Augustine”

In my cd Player: Trip Lee “20/20”

Entertainment: K.K.’s soccer games, 3 fantasy football and 1 hockey leagues, and reading blogs

T.V.: Iron Chef America, Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay and America’s Toughest Jobs (I’d love to be on that show)