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I had heard about this book through twitter and facebook post and hadn’t really given much thought to it. Trevin’s review has sparked my interest enough to motivate myself to check it out. Here are Trevin’s thoughts ………………

Ever wonder how a committed unbeliever would feel in your church service?

Have you ever given thought to how evangelicals are viewed by those outside the church?

How many of your friends disagree with you politically? Theologically?

In the Land of Believers: An Outsider’s Extraordinary Journey into the Heart of the Evangelical Church (Metropolitan, 2010) tells the story of Gina Welch. The book gives readers a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of Thomas Road Baptist Church (the church Jerry Falwell pastored) through the eyes of an atheistic, secularist, liberal young woman.

Welch faked a conversion experience, got baptized, and spent two years at Thomas Road. (She even participated in evangelism on a mission trip.) During this time, she kept a detailed journal of her experience, which she has now turned into a book that chronicles her journey into evangelical America.

If you’re like me, your first reaction upon hearing about a book like this is to roll your eyes and think, Oh great! An exposé of evangelicals from someone who deliberately engaged in deceptive practices in order to show up evangelical hypocrisy. That was my initial reaction. But after reading a number of reviews, I was intrigued enough to pick up the book. I was pleasantly surprised by Welch’s portrayal of evangelicals, and I was riveted by her account. While I abhor the deceit that grounds this book, I recommend that evangelicals read it for a number of reasons. READ THE REST HERE

Mr. Wax also had the opportunity to interview Gina Welch….. Read that here

The thought that has consumed me since reading these articles (and I assume will increase after reading the book), is what would she have written had she picked my church? What would she see, what would be her view of not only Christians but more importantly how would she view Jesus? My initial thoughts are we cannot base an overall general opinion of Christianity by visiting one local body of believers can we? I’m sure this happens all the time, hence the decline of church attendance and memberships in recent years. My hope and prayer is that when people visit our church or any church for that matter, they don’t see us, they see Jesus.  

More to come……

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Posted: April 29, 2009 in General Discussion, Poll
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Well, what do you think?

Here’s an interesting article by Matt Svoboda, on the global significance of the name “Southern Baptist”. In the article he raises some very good points that got me to thinking. What say you?


“Ilove the Southern Baptist Convention.  I am a Southern Baptist by conviction.  Theologically and missions wise I feel that the Southern Baptist Convention is the strongest.  I love the influence that the SBC has, but could our name be hurting our influence?  Could the name ‘Southern Baptist Convention‘ actually be holding our convention back?

Yes..  You might be a little surprised by my answer, but I think that it is true.  I was born in Nebraska and I talk to a lot of people from there.  I also served in Indiana for awhile and spoke with many people up there.  The church in Indiana was an American Baptist church.  They agreed that the SBC was better theologically, but thought it would be weird to be a part of the SBC when they are on the north side of the Ohio River.  I asked my friends in Nebraska if they knew of any strong SBC churches in Nebraska and they said, ‘Southern Baptist?’  They were kidding because they are well aware of the SBC, but were making a point that the SBC has little to no influence in Nebraska.  It struck me as interesting because I know that the Oklahoma Baptist Convention a very large convention within the SBC.  Yet, the SBC in Kansas and Nebraska barely exists.  Could this be because of the name?” Read more here