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In light of the publishers deciding to do away with the TNIV version(I applaud this move) when they roll out the updated new NIV version of the bible (story here),I wanted to take a poll to see if the NIV was still a popular version still being used today. I know I used it in the past almost exclusively until a friend introduced me to the ESV. So if you would be so kind as to participate in this poll I would appreciate it. Feel free to leave a comment as well. Thanks. 🙂

Toward a Great Commission Resurgence


Southern Baptists have always been a Great Commission people. Christ’s command to go, disciple, baptize, and teach is woven into the very DNA of our churches. By God’s grace, over the last thirty years, the SBC has undergone a Conservative Resurgence that has brought substantive changes to many of our churches and all of our Convention’s seminaries and boards. We are thankful for the Conservative Resurgence and believe that God has also called Southern Baptists to a Great Commission Resurgence as the next step in the fulfillment of our mandate in missions and evangelism which will result in the renewal of our Convention. It is our conviction that a Great Commission Resurgence must embrace the following ten commitments:

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