Age:38 (Yeah, I know that’s hard to believe)

Married: To Mystie 16yrs


Interest: My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my family, my brothers and sisters in Christ, theology, sports and christain hip-hop,the Food Network.

5 Books that I recommend.

1)The ESV Study Bible

2)Don’t Waste Your Life—John Piper

3)The Truth Wars—John MacArthur

4)Systematic Theology—-Wayne Grudem

5)Our Accountability To God—A.W. Pink  (Thanks HP)

5 Movies I appreciate (but don’t necessarily recommend)

1)Luther (must see)

2)The Dark Knight (watch at own discretion)

3)Fireproof (must see)

4)Miracle  (must see)

5)House Party (funny!)

5)People I Admire


2)John Piper

3)R.c. Sproul

4)Mark Kielar

5)My Clique (they know who they are)

  1. time2stand says:

    Thanks for your reply to the Ten Indictments Offensive that we are going to set into motion in Jan sometime. If you email me your address I will send you my new book, Urgency to Rise – a call to the American ‘church’
    God bless,
    Brother in Christ,
    Jeremy B. Strang

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