John Bunyan on Saving Faith

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Church History, doctrine, General Discussion, puritans, Theology
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“When I write of justification before God, from the dreadful curse of the law, then I must speak of nothing but grace, Christ, the promise, and faith. But when I speak of our justification before men, then I must join to these, good works. For grace, Christ and faith, are things invisible, and so not to be seen by another, otherwise than through a life that becomes so blessed a gospel as has declared unto us the remission of our sins for the sake of Jesus Christ. He then that would have forgiveness of sins, and so be delivered from the curse of God, must believe in the righteousness and blood of Christ: but he that would show to his neighbours that he hath truly received this mercy of God, must do it by good works; for all things else, to them, is but talk.”   Taken from “A Holy Life”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Awsome post! How have you been brother. Have not talked to you in some time. Hope all is well. Praise God for our justification!!! May He continue to sanctify us in the full truth of His dear Son and may we be granted repentance, love, joy, peace and patience to endure!

    God bless!


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