Dr. Mohler and Dr. Piper on Mr. Obama’s Speech to Students

Posted: September 8, 2009 in family, General Discussion, life, Mentors, Politics
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With President Obama set to make a national speech to our children in the classroom, many different opinions have been expressed. As someone who is skeptical at best when Mr Obama speaks on anything, I wanted to see what he has to say. I found the opinions of two people whom I have a tremendous amount of respect for. I was mildly shocked at first but as I thought about their statements, they began to make perfect sense to me.. I have posted their comments below. I hope this can be beneficial to you as well.

 Dr. Mohlers Thoughts:

The controversy over President Barack Obama’s speech to America’s school children scheduled for Tuesday morning continues to incite controversy. On the surface, this seems incredible. Why would a speech calling for students to remain in school and set personal goals for themselves incite any controversy at all? Is this just another eruption of the Culture War?

At first glace, that seems to be exactly what this fracas is all about. Much of the controversy is reckless, baseless, and plainly irrational. Some have called the speech an effort to recruit America’s children into socialism. Others have argued that any presidential speech piped into classrooms is illegitimate. But a presidential speech to students is hardly unprecedented. This speech by this president has led to an unprecedented uproar.

At this level, the controversy is a national embarrassment. Conservatives must avoid jumping on every conspiracy theory and labeling every action by the Obama administration as sinister or socialist. Our civic culture is debased when opposing parties and political alignments read every proposal by the other side as suspect on its face. Read the rest here.

John Piper’s take:

This is the speech I expected the President to give to our children—excellent.

Given that he is not directing them to Christ, which would be the best counsel, his advice is a wonderful gift of common grace from God to the students of our land.

If you settle for the news headlines that say the president tells the kids to wash their hands and take care of the environment, you will miss the wisdom and courage in this speech. Within its spiritual limitations it is simply amazing.

You can read it all at the White House Site. Here are my excerpts. Read the rest here.

  1. Randy says:

    Hey Bill, I promise to use the word wow only this once in my reply. I think Mr. Mohler and Mr. Piper hit the nail on the head. Sometimes we do try to fit things down into our little box (of thinking) so we can label it. For a while now i’ve been hearing the name hypercalvinism tossed around alot. So I looked up it’s definition. I was apalled! I can not believe anyone could go along with this. People that use this word to try to label reformed thelogy should be ashamed. As I was for thinking our presidents’ speech would be any thing other than what it was. I stand corrected and publicly repent right here. God bless you Bill. And God bless america and our president.

  2. I was under the impression that the “I Pledge” video would be shown at the schools. I stand corrected, very encouraging speech. Informative post brother, thanks!

  3. mystie says:

    All I can say is WOW! Very good speech! I am so glad he put responsibility on students, and not the blame on teachers and parents. All students should have heard this. I guess I am partial since I am a teacher ,and I can pretty much see what paths some children will be going down. They are the future!

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