Christian Fellowship—John Angell James

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Church History, Devotional, doctrine, General Discussion, life
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bliss was the finish of paradisiacal happiness; its influence has survived the shock of our apostasy, and will be felt amid the felicities of the heavenly state. It is not matter of surprise, therefore, that the Lord Jesus should recognize the social principle in the arrangements of his wise and merciful economy. He might have left his people unconnected by any visible bond, or at best with no other guide to each other than the natural workings and affinities of the human bosom. Instead of this, however, he has by explicit authority grafted the duties of his religion upon the propensities of our social nature. The identifying law of Christ’s kingdom is love to one another; and in order that this love may be more perfect in its exercise, we are united in visible communion. When, therefore, we join a Christian church, we enter a society of believers for the purpose of giving and receiving every suitable expression of mutual love. We then associate ourselves with those towards whom we are to cherish, in consequence of a common relationship, the kindest emotions. We are not only to worship with them in the same place, not only to sit with them at the same sacramental table—but we are to consider ourselves as one of their fellowship, to identify our best feelings with theirs, and in all things to consider ourselves members one of another. Our fellowship is not intended for, nor is it to be expressed by, any one exclusive act—but it is to extend itself to every possible way of having communion with each other. We are to rejoice together in the common salvation; and to bring forth together the fruits of a like precious faith. Watts has very beautifully expressed the feelings which every church member, who understands his relationship, constantly recognizes.

  1. Randy says:

    huh? I’m missing something here. Help me out Bill.

  2. Bill says:

    I was just trying to spark a conversation on an aspect of the church that seems to have lost some importance today.

  3. Randy says:

    Oh ok, sorry Bill i was tired when I first read it last night.

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