Does Your Myspace or Facebook Bring Glory to God?

Posted: July 30, 2009 in General Discussion, life, Scripture, Video
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Having worked with youth in the past, and having a 15 yr. old son., This video hits pretty close to home. I know I was guilty of trying to be friends with youth in my charge, and thought I was doing good if they stayed out of trouble and came to church. I wish I would’ve taken the time that I had with them to lead them into lifestyle of holiness………


  1. Randy says:

    Hey Bill, good post we don’t hear much about holiness now days. But I think this is a good post for all who use the internet. I’m sure some one will probably yell ” that’s law not gospel” to which I say if it condems then yes it’s law. On the other hand if it convicts me and causes me to repent then it is good news for sure.

  2. Historic Protestant says:

    Bill very good post. I have seen so much of this and it makes me sick.

    Wife of Historic Protestant

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