David Miller–Country Preacher at-Large

Posted: May 27, 2009 in doctrine, General Discussion, Mentors, Scripture, sermons, Video
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We had the awesome privilege of having Brother David Miller preach a revival at our church a few months ago. My son found this video on Youtube and I thought I’d give you all a sample of blessing we received.


  1. Randy says:

    Hey Bill I can see why you liked this gentleman. What a great presentation of the gospel. If you can make me understand these things…then your worth your salt.

  2. Brother David says more in five minutes than some preachers say in an entire sermon.
    I have rededicated my preaching ministry to the fundamntals as found in my dear Brothers messages.
    My prayer is that he take time to record these messages in books, that will last far beyond his earthly ministry!

  3. Marla says:

    Heard him preach today in Mississippi. You must hear the whole sermon, he is an amazing teacher and speaker. I almost fell off the pew when he had no Bible in his hand and began to quote every verse, practically the whole chapter…It spoke volumes to me.

  4. John Jones says:

    I also love to listen David Miller, I had the chance to talk with him several hours this past weekend, his character is as wonderful as his preaching.

  5. Peggy says:

    I had the heart warming pleasure of hearing Pastor David at Rocky Ridge Baptist Church. He was totally awesome and I could have sit there all night listening to him. Thank you Pastor David for coming to Rocky Ridge Revival and looking forward to hearing you again. May God Bless you and your family.

  6. Charles R Cozzens says:

    I heard him speak at FBC Clarksville,TN his simplicity in presenting the Gospel in Isiah chapter 53 was wonderful. I learned some multi-syllable theological words! What a Savior! The clearity he gives is truly a Blessing. He makes the hymn, ” I love to Tell the Story” a song to sing from your heart. I think the Lord has take’n a like’in to him in a mighty way. The Southland has given this country a man of God. 11 March 2011

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