Guard Your Life cont…..

Posted: May 17, 2009 in General Discussion, Music, spiritual warfare
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 Just to shed a little more light on the situation and to maybe get some advice from you guy’s, I want to expand on what’s going on. The person I’m referring to is not a “friend” per say, but he is a brother in Christ. He is very respected in the Christian hip-hop community and a pastor of a church he helped plant. I have had the oppurtunity to sit and talk with him about the things of God in my living room. I have no doubt, even after his transgression (of which I do not know the whole story), that he is in fact a part of the fellowship of believers. Having said that I wanted to share some thoughts I had yesterday at work. I kept wondering to myself if a good tree could in fact produce bad fruit? I thought about the hundreds, if not thousands of youth that could be impacted, in a negative way, by this revelation because of his influence. I wondered why this situation has grieved my spirit. Is it wrong, that if this had been someone, say like Joel Osteen, my reaction would be different?

 I am praying for him and his family, and I hope that after much time and reconciliation that he can be restored into the full fellowship of his family and church. And I hope that somehow, someway God would be glorified in it all.

Please feel free to comment. I may need to be rebuked for something I said, if so let me know.


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