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Posted: April 20, 2009 in General Discussion, Music
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As most of you know, I work a 12 hr shift. My job can be and usually is very monotonous. That gives my mind plenty time to wander. Sometimes this is a bad thing, most of time it’s good. Sunday as I was reflecting on missing another oppurtunity to worship with my church family, and I began to sing some hymns in my head. This lead to a thought, that turned into a debate with myself on which hymns I liked and the ones I didn’t. I came up with a top 10 list of each and thought I’d share them on my blog. Remember this is my list, but feel free to share yours.

TOP 10 Hymns(Favorites)                                         

10)My Song Is Love Unknown                        

9)A Mighty Fortress Is Our God                      

8)How Deep the Father’s Love For Us               

7)He Hideth My Soul                                            

6)Nothing But The Blood                                     

5)All Hail The Power of Jesus Name                 

4)It is Well With My Soul                                     

3)How Sweet and Awful Is This Place                

2)There Is A Fountain                                               

1)Come Thou Fount (Of Every Blessing)             

  Top 10 Least Favorite

10)Standing On The Promises

9)He Keeps Me Singing

8)Since Jesus Came Into My Heart

7)When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

6)Shine, Jesus, Shine

5)What A Friend We Have In Jesus

4)Wherever He Leads I’ll Go

3)Just As Iam

2)Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart

 1)I Have Decided To Follow Jesus

  1. Buddy Oakes says:

    As for hymns, it doesn’t get better than Be Thou My Vision

    For contemporary my faves are:

    Open Up the Sky by Deluge
    In Your Freedom by Hillsong
    Marvelous Light by Charlie Hall
    Happy Day by Fee
    How He Loves Us by Kim Walker

  2. Bill says:

    Be Thou Vision is great!. I’m thinking about, if this one sparks some conversation, of doing a top 10 Cotemporary list too. 🙂

  3. Angel says:

    Well I’m glad it is well with my soul is on yur top ten faves bacuse it’s my all time fave and it will be played at my funeral.

  4. Phil says:

    Hey Bill, Just curious why you have least favorite hymns. Most of the songs you mentioned, favs and non favs, I have sung from my childhood and are precious to me.

    By the way, Gina and I play instruments and we have performed Come Thou Fount as a duet before (Gina on the flute, me on the Irish Whistle). We would like to do a special music number at Cornerstone some time – just need to practice up. Come Thou Fount is a favorite of mine also 🙂

  5. Bill says:

    @ Angel— I’m glad u like it. Nothing like hearing it when 5000 people are singing it at the same time. *goosebumps*

    @Phil—I knew when I made the list, at least the non-favs, it would draw some response.lol. I know I’m in the minority on a lot of my picks. These too are songs that I’ve grown up as a christian with, but I wouldn’t miss the songs on my non-fav list if we never sang them again. Just a personal preference.

    I would love to hear you and Gina perform “Come Thou Fount”! We need to see if Bro. Josh can make that happen ASAP.:). Right now, David Crowder’s version is my favorite.

    If you’ve never heard “How Sweet and Awful” you need to check it out.

    In Christ,

  6. Christie says:

    I have WAAAAY too many faves…and Come Thou Fount IS #1 right now so I won’t bore you with the faves…

    The LEAST FAVES: (In no particular order…I despise them all):

    10) ONE DAY

    9) Softly and Tenderly

    8) Onward Christian Soldiers (just because I don’t like playing it)

    7) We’re Marching To Zion (OK…that one was from Rich)

    6) Room at the Cross

    5) Jesus Is Tenderly Calling

    4) I’ll Live For Him

    3) Footsteps of Jesus

    2) Wonderful Words of Life

    1) JUST AS I AM (I have probably played THIS travesty a quarter of a million times in my 30 years in various Baptist churches, revivals, FUNERALS! (appropriate durge) … ugh! One year, one revival, played over 80 times in ONE SERVICE. Could play this one backwards but am afraid of what message from Satan might appear…

    If you notice, most of these are invitational hymns…I, too, get tired of long invitations…

    The others, simply drive me nuts when I play them in services. I sure hope Luther isn’t on here taking notes and planning the next two services with these hymns just for fun… (tongue in cheek) I’m sure I can come up with another 20…but that will be for another posting…have a great evening! cmk

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