Beyond Belief–The Josh Hamilton Story

Posted: April 6, 2009 in General Discussion, Sports
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“Beyond Belief-Finding The Strength to Come Back” Josh Hamilton & Tim Keown


This is not an official “book review” per say, I don’t feel qualified enough to do that , but I did want to share some things I learned from reading Josh Hamilton’s story. As many of you know, I love most all sports, but baseball is my favorite. I have known about Josh Hamilton every since he got drafted by the Devil Ray’s a few years back. I have read different accounts of his story through magazines and on-line articles, but until I read his story in his words I didn’t  fully understand how far he has come. Not only do I have a new appreciation for Josh, but I know better now the struggles that most people addicted to drugs face. As much as this was a story of redemption and recovery, it was a look inside the mind of an addict. Josh was very open and honest about his time being in bondage to that lifestyle. He was also honest about the spiritual warfare that was taking place in his life during this time (and some that still goes on).He share’s how his addiction hurt the people that loved him, and how there forgiveness of him had to be a “God thing” . He also talks about the providence of God and how as he looks back on things now he can see God’s hand in all of it. He never shy’s  away from giving God glory for his continuing recovery.

One of my favorite stories he tells, is about a  promise he made Clay Council, an older gentleman from his hometown. The promise was, that if he (Josh) ever participated in a home run derby, he would have Clay be his pitcher. Clay was one of those guy’s that spent all his spare time at the little league fields pitching to anyone that wanted to get in some batting practice. Josh kept his promise to Clay and flew him to New York and he had him pitch for him at Yankee stadium. The best part of this whole story was the fact that before they went out onto the field, they went into the tunnel, away from everyone else and prayed, giving God glory for this opportunity.

Growing up as a kid,  I usually looked at athlete’s as hero’s, heck I even named my son after a baseball player, but as I’ve gotten older I realize they are human just like me. Josh’s story pounds that home even more. I do now have a new respect for Josh and will be rooting for him to succeed on and off the field. I highly recommend this book to all baseball fans, but I also recommend it to anyone that is dealing with or knows someone that is dealing with an addiction.

 To me this is another example of God taking something that was meant for evil, and turning it into good.

Note* After seeing Josh’s story on MLB Network, my wife now wants his jersey. So if this will get her into watching baseball with me, at least 2 miracles came from Josh’s story.*

  1. Angel says:

    Good review! Makes me even me want to go read the book. Now that is saying alot. You know how bad I hate to read.

  2. Bill says:

    Thank you. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Phil Geissler says:

    Bill, you may not know me I have been visiting Cornerstone for the last few months with my wife.

    Thanks for the review. I will definately check out this book! I am also a bigs Sports fan and like you Baseball is my favorite (Philliees fan -don’t hold that against me ;). I have one of Josh’s rookie cards and am hoping to someday get him to autograph it someday. Keep up the great book reviews!

  4. Bill says:

    Thank you for the kind words and thank you for stopping by and checking outmy blog.
    I won’t hold being a Phillie’s fan against you. Had you said you were a Cardinal’s fan though, that might’ve been a different story! lol.

    I’m glad you and your wife have been visiting Cornerstone. My wife and I are “new” members. We still don’t know everyone, but both of us have grown so much sitting under Bro. Josh’s preaching. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I’ll try to help you out as much as I can.

  5. Will says:

    I am going to read this book for sure. Thanks for the review. Check out Josh Hamilton
    on our site!

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