5 Questions

Posted: March 30, 2009 in General Discussion, Music, Sports
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It’s Back!!!!!!!

1)Is “Secular” music o.k. for Christan’s to listen too? (If someone takes a stab at this I’ll explain why I ask it)

2)Why do Monday’s seem to be getting more difficult, the older I get?

3)Will we ever see “unity” in the church this side of heaven?

4)Is the economy ever going to turn around?

5)Is this the year my Cubbies make it back to the World Series?

  1. 1. Depends on the lyrics. (Philippians 4:8)
    2. Cuz you’re getting older? 😛 Sorry you had a bad day.
    3. No, unless you believe in a literal thousand year millennium
    4. Yes
    5. What’s a cubbie?

  2. Bill says:

    Question #5 is referring to the Chicago Cubs.

    The reason I ask question #1 is because I read of a reform brother “highly” recommending the new U2 album, knowing that Bono is pretty much a universalist…………..

    Thanks for your comment!:)

  3. Angel says:

    1. No. The reason I think this is because I feel it henders our walk because what you put in is what will come out. Just like hanging out with non-christians ALL the time. I think you should surround yourself with Godly things it makes your walk alot easier. I’m not saying to not go into the world. You have to go to witness but don’t stay in it. Do your job and get out.LOL
    2.Plain and simple your getting old and it’s harder for your old baldy to get up and around.
    3.No. Sorry!
    4. No. Sorry!
    5.No. Sorry!
    Any other questions.LOL

  4. Angel says:

    1. Ask yourself this question before you do anything. Is this Glorifying God? If the answer is no or you have to question it then it’s wrong and you shouldn’t do it.

  5. Bill says:

    I have often ask myself that question at the Predator games………

  6. greatdaneservicedog says:

    secular music…God is present and active in all moments of my life. I have often had a secular song, or book, or quote deepen my understanding of God and His work, not because of the song’s power but because of His.
    It’s not whether the object causes me to glorify God, but if I am glorifying God. We can see God anywhere if we look, with a discerning spirit. Sometimes recognizing the opposite of His ways makes very plain who God is and what He’s doing.

  7. Randy says:

    Hey Bill, I will email you an article on the music issue. I’d love to get your opinion on it as it deals with secular and contempory christian music.

  8. Bill says:

    I find it hard to argue with anything in that article. I think he could’ve pointed out some of the groups that do use music to glorify God instead making a sweeping generalization. I know there is very bad stuff in CCM today, but there is some really good stuff too. For those of you that would like to read the article here’s a link.

    Thank you Randy for directing me to this link. It’s a solid reminder that we need to keep our guard up.

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