The Value of Family

Posted: March 6, 2009 in General Discussion, Mentors, Theology, Video
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This morning while having breakfast with Historic Protestant we got off on the subject of family worship. This is something I’m hoping to implement in our home. It’s shameful we’ve not done this sooner. But this video is of Voddie Baucham talking about the value of the family which makes family worship even more important.

  1. The subject of family worship came up again this past Sunday during our men’s ministry. We talked about the division of the family that is even more apparent at church when we all divide up and go our seperate ways and then meet later for lunch. Like you were saying Bill, if the youth want to get together during the week, say on a Thursday, that would be great, go for it. But, for the three hours a week we spend at church maybe we could learn how to be a family that stands apart from the world and exalts God in the way it functions and communicates. To many times families spend their weekdays divided and then go to church and do the same thing! We wonder why we don’t know our kids or wives on a more spiritual level (reality). Why can’t we humble ourselves before our Creator in our own homes? It doesn’t feel right to even ask such a question. I’ve heard it said, “Youth groups are used for kids to open up”. I say, there lies the problem. Where has the family gone, or better yet, what is the family for? We cater to individual needs that are based on age and not maturity.

  2. (I accidentally hit the wrong key, spell check that Bill before you approve, lol)

    When we cater to individual needs, such as the “youth group”, we draw attention to what is available for them as individuals. Attention that is drawn away from the family and more importantly from God.

    I’ve said enough, just something I ponder on from time to time.

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