New Year “Goal’s”

Posted: January 2, 2009 in General Discussion
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 Let me start by saying I stopped making resolutions awhile back, because I NEVER kept them. So now what I try to do is set goals for myself for the new year,(I know that’s the same as resolutions but I thought if I changed the name I might actually keep them.). So here we go, these are some goals I’ve set for myself for 2009.

1)Read the bible completely through.(Daily Psalms or Wisdom Literature; Pentateuch or the History of Israel; Chronicles or Prophets; and Gospels or Epistles)

2)I want to be a better husband and father,son,brother, and friend

3)I want to become more involved with my home church

4)I want to know exactly what God’s plan for me is

5)I want to finish the things I start

6)I want to evangelize more this year

7)I want to find a new line of work

8)And of course I’d like to drop about 30lbs.

  1. dikayo says:


    Happy new year!! We are already 5 days into the year… so how are you doing with your resolutions? 🙂

    I just wanted to humbly invite you to read a post called “2009” on my blog. I hope and pray that it will encourage you.

    God bless and happy 2009!

  2. Bill says:

    So far so good on #1,……………………………and…………………

    I’ve lost 6 lbs……..LOL

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