Hillsong-How To Make Your Child A False Convert

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Theology, Video
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I saw this over at Symphony of Scripture and thought I’d share it with you guy’s. Warning: This is some scary stuff.

  1. cooke says:

    Wow. That is scary! We are so dumbing down the Word of God it isn’t funny. Decisions to be made by 8 year old kids wether they want to go to heaven or if they want Jesus to be their best friend? So wrong! They have no clue of sin, need for repentance or no clue of God’s Sovereignty. And the thing is when they get older if God doesn’t enlighten them to the Truth, they will spread this same message. How do you think we are where we are?

  2. Jake Dudley says:

    They are kids. Discipleship comes next. God has done HUGE things through Hillsong Church to reach people in his name…I am not trying to start an argument on your blog…just my opinion!

  3. Bill says:

    Do you not see the danger in this method of evangelism? Tricking a child into making a decision is not only wrong, but it is cruel. What makes me even more upset is this is basically how we evangelize to adults in today’s church. I think if you do a little resaerch on Hillsong, their ministry may not be all it’s been built up to be.

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