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In an effort to bring the church back to the truth, Jeremy at Time2Stand is leading an internet offensive to raise awareness and maybe reach  people for God’s glory. Here is one video being used to educate people on the urgency of the situation.

Click here for more resources and video’s. Please take the time to look at this.It may change your life. If you agree with this at all, please email it to everyone you know or post it on your blog. Thank You.


Something To Think About…..

Posted: December 30, 2008 in General Discussion

As I went through my daily routine of reading blogs I came across a couple that really got me to thinking this morning ,and I thought I’d share them with you.

10 Reasons to Pray the Scriptures—John Piper

The Benefits of Expository Preaching—Josh Buice


Notice that both have to deal with Holy Scriptures. You want to know why America has “changed”? Wake up church! It’s time to get back to the basics. It’s time to get back to the Bible.

Merry Christmas To Me!

Posted: December 26, 2008 in General Discussion, Video
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This was all I ask for, and my wonderful family came through for me!

75965187PHM_D046752054After being spurned by American colleges, Jonathan Blum has proven he is one of the best American defense prospects.

Blum, named team captain, will play a major role on the U.S. blue line when the 2009 World Junior Championship is held Dec. 26-Jan. 5 in Ottawa.

Of the seven defenseman chosen for the American team, Blum is the only one not currently playing NCAA hockey. Not that he didn’t want to, of course.

“When I was younger, no colleges or the national program was looking past the Rockies,” Blum, a native of Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., told “I didn’t get much exposure from contacts or college teams, so I decided to go to the Western Hockey League because of that.”

It turned into a fortuitous move. Blum joined the Vancouver Giants, and the Nashville Predators selected him with the 23rd pick of the 2007 Entry Draft. Now in his fourth season with the Giants, he leads WHL defensemen with 44 points in 28 games.Rest of The Story

Can a true Christian deny the virgin birth? This question would perplex the vast majority of Christians throughout the centuries, but modern denials of biblical truth make the question tragically significant. Of all biblical doctrines, the doctrine of Christ’s virginal conception has often been the specific target of modern denial and attack.

Attacks upon the virgin birth emerged in the aftermath of the Enlightenment, with some theologians attempting to harmonize the anti-supernaturalism of the modern mind with the church’s teaching about Christ. The great quest of liberal theology has been to invent a Jesus who is stripped of all supernatural power, deity, and authority.

The fountainhead of this quest includes figures such as Albert Schweitzer and Rudolf Bultmann. Often considered the most influential New Testament scholar of the twentieth century, Bultmann argued that the New Testament presents a mythological worldview that modern men and women simply cannot accept as real. The virgin birth is simply a part of this mythological structure and Bultmann urged his program of “demythologization” in order to construct a faith liberated from miracles and all vestiges of the supernatural. Jesus was reduced to an enlightened teacher and existentialist model.The Rest Of The Story Here