Is This The Year? …………………(I Hope So!)

Posted: October 3, 2008 in General Discussion, Sports, Video
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  1. Angel says:

    Oh yeah! this is the year. Sat. they looked great Thurs. not so much. I think they will pick they right people for the right lines. I hope they see the lines they had together Thurs. were not working well together at all. Here is a comment on 2 of our new players. 1. #24 Gratton is tough as nails. He lookes like he stays beat up, I think they hit his head tooo many times. He will knock any body out he don’t care. But I like him in some weird way I guess cause he ain’t scared of anything. Our name for him is “little terd”. 2. Jones is pretty good the strange thing about he looks just like ortmeyer out there from our seats so he will be 41 replacment till he gets back LOL he looks and skates like him so you know I think he is good.

  2. lifecypha says:

    I’ve heard Gratton is nothing more than a punching bag for the other team. I can’t say I haven’t seen him play yet. From all reports Joel Ward seems to be playing better than anyone else that’s fighting for a roster spot. I love that they are pairing Weber and Suter together though. Can’t wait to see how the lines shake out though.

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