Can’t Sleep!

Posted: September 4, 2008 in General Discussion

I’ve been awake since 2:30 a.m. I just woke up and could not go back to sleep! I’ll be feelin’ it too about 3 this afternoon,trying to build tires through the constant yawning.

6hr energy drink here I come!

  1. bones says:


    i have the same problem, except my hours are reversed. i wake up in the middle of the day when it is nice and sunny out and can’t sleep. then i have to stay up all night and try to work.

    man those energy drinks come in handy, don’t they!!!

    hope you made it through the day. love ya brother

  2. angel says:

    Well here comes my clinical opinion. LOL. It is because of those energy drinks you wake up and can not go back to sleep they are full of caffeine. Try one week without them and see how much better you sleep and feel. You are sending your body on a roller coaster ride it don’t know whats going on. You need to go without any type of caffeine for one whole week and get back to me on how you feel and sleep. This will be called the caffeine challenge. And I mean NO caffeine no sundrop or ANYTHING with it in it.

  3. lifecypha says:

    I didn’t have any caffeine yesterday. Diet Green Tea and water.I usually don’t have a problem sleeping, I don’t know what was going on………………….But I slept like a rock last night:)

  4. Ryne says:

    WOW!!! you made a smiley face! lol, mine is better. =). anyways, i’m tellin you man, Full Throttle Blue Demon hits the spot!

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