Give us the Truth—-Flame

Posted: August 22, 2008 in Video

This is for the Historic Protestant (because I know he’s a a Flame fan!).  To all the Pastor’s who might read this. Believe it or not there’s growing number of people (maybe even in your congregation) who desire the truth, no games,no fluff,no flash….just the truth. WE NEED IT!!!

  1. historicprotestant says:

    Well, he makes a good point. We need the truth!

  2. cooke says:

    He makes a great point! We were right there where he was. I think this song reflects us to the core.We thought we had the truth, but God then showed us the Truth. And now we ca’t get enough of it. This rap rocks, dude!

  3. cooke says:


  4. lifecypha says:

    I know I was there. I remember having to choose between what I’d been taught and what God was showing me, and thinking “why haven’t I been taught this already”.

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