Why Does A Good God Allow Bad Things To Happen?

Posted: August 22, 2008 in General Discussion, Theology, Video

Brian at Recover the Gospel posted this video on his blog. It is probabaly the most ask question from skeptics of Christainity today. Even people inside the church often struggle with this issue. I love the way Voddie “flips the script” on the subject.

  1. Rob says:

    yeah, that’s great, but seriously, why does he let bad things happen? And evil, why is that still around? Why didn’t he just get rid of the devil long ago? Am I to believe that satan is all powerful too, but neither wants to kill the other just to mess with our minds? I mean, seriously!

  2. lifecypha says:

    thank you for you questions. I’ve posted a sermon by Paul Washer that I think can help answer you questions better than I can. Plaese take the time to listen to at least listen to the first 30 mins.

    In Christ,

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