Family Dispute

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

OK. Here’s the deal. My family and I have been having a bit of a dispute over music. The video below is from a “christian” group called Family Force 5. I cannot see anything that glorifies God from this group therefore I’m not inclined to listen to them (and I don’t like rock music). I’m also against my children listening to them, because I feel they’re misrepresenting God. I’m alone on an island on this one. My question is am I being to rigid on this or am I right on. Should I chill or stand firm.(note* the wife and kids like this song):(


Just to show that I’m not too old to enjoy good music, here’s a new video by flame. Notice the difference in the lyrics between the 2 songs.

  1. lifecypha says:

    Just in case you wanted to know, these are the lyrics to Flame’s song.

    You know what it is
    I love it
    Let’s talk about it

    Your boy’s been a Christian, quite a few
    years/Victory and faith, but I failed in my fears/I heard a lot
    of words that have tickled many ears/That’s why I praise
    God for the Word that we adhere/The Word became flesh,
    lived for thirty years/Died at 33, but after days
    reappeared/Jesus Christ anointed one ascended in the
    air/Or you can say the air where the Father made Him
    heir/Of all things the throne know it’s more than a chair/But
    after our redemption yes He did take a chair/Greater than
    the angels name superior to theirs/This is Hebrews Chapter
    1 if you cared/I’m leaning to the right/the light is where I’m
    running/I thought I wanted life, drunk, sexed out and
    blunted/But all I really wanted was the One who really won
    it/Fought death, beat it gave His life to the public/I love it!

    Angels surrounding His throne and
    Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
    The whole earth is full of His glory
    All nations bow to His name
    His majesty fills the Heavens
    Our hearts give thunderous praise
    Declare the Lord is forever
    Make a joyful noise in this place

    Man I’m trying to lift Him high/Higher than the
    stars/I am not of this world like I’m from the planet mars/I
    love to preach Jesus you can read it in my bars/I’m pretty
    straight forward when I’m speaking bout my Lord/He paid
    the sin price being beat by Roman guards/But when He
    resurrected gave us life free of charge/Now me and my
    boys need to be in a psych ward/Cause we went crazy for
    God our lives was scared/Now in the Book of Life, our
    names have been written down/We’re casting our crowns
    before His feet on the ground/It’s such a holy melody and a
    heavenly sound/Hearing holy holy holy coming out of the
    mouth/Of the four living creatures by His throne all
    around/Can you picture the scene this this is how it’s going
    down/You just need a little faith and a new set of eyes and
    a telescopic lens to look in and see God/I love it!

    Angels surrounding His throne and
    Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
    The whole earth is full of His glory
    All nations bow to His name
    His majesty fills the Heavens
    Our hearts give thunderous praise
    Declare the Lord is forever
    Make a joyful noise in this place

    One day we gon’ be out man, like three strikes/And
    home son like a homerun CHRIST/IS – KING – LION –
    CONQUEROR – SATAN CONQEURER/Can take a sinner,
    atheist sinner to God conscience/Can take nothing/make
    creation and lives honor/The same God that came through
    a fetus as Jesus/Limited to breathing/Got believers singing

    Angels surrounding His throne and
    Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
    The whole earth is full of His glory
    All nations bow to His name
    His majesty fills the Heavens
    Our hearts give thunderous praise
    Declare the Lord is forever
    Make a joyful noise in this place

    *Thanks to Eddie at Recover The Gospel for this.

  2. george says:

    ahhh brother

    i agree with you , the family force 5 song does not glorify God , it is rock , (which i like) and i personally would be inclined to listen to it before the other, flame group

    there are things that we do in life that do not glorify God –

    one of those would be spectating at sporting events; some people would say that is wasted time; or that it doesn’t glorify God either

    others would say that hunting or competitive shooting, or fishing would be a waste of time , or time better spent studying God’s Word . . .

    there might be better choices in music that a person could listen to that uplifts their soul

    i think the family force 5 music is okay –

    i would not die on the hill over it –

    your concern for your family is honorable and i respect you for that and love you and admire you in that regard;

    we should all desire the BEST for our families in our service to our Lord


  3. bones says:

    i’ve got to agree with george.
    i listen to ALL types of music. the flame song definitely has the uplifting lyrics, but the family force lyrics really aren’t that bad.

    is that typically what flame sounds like? i love it

  4. lifecypha says:

    Ya’ll suppose to be helping ME out.

  5. Angel says:

    OK. I’m going to get in trouble for this the flame song is GREAT I loved it I’m going to have to go get it. The other song doesn’t glorify God at all but bill you are not playing fair you should have played a different song of the first group It was a good beat and very funny but not gloifying God not saying that they don’t have a song that does. SORRY MYSTIE. Maybe Mystie should get on there and post a different song of thiers so it would be an even fight.LOL

  6. Ryne says:

    Alright homie, first of all, read the lyrics to THIS song by FF5. Second, they are praising God for the “dirty dirty south”

    My batteries died sometime ago;
    I got a heart shaped box where they must go.
    Corrosions building everyday
    My flesh is leading me astray that’s why I started to decay
    And I will slowly rot away but I can’t feel that anyway–

    This heart it wants to beat;
    These lungs, they want to breathe. [Oh, whoa-oh-oh-oh-oa]
    These eyes they want to see,
    Got a mouth that wants to sing.

    Desperation, needing you
    Every last breath I scream for you
    Shatter me into a million pieces
    Make me new.

    Crush me, tear me, break me, mold me
    Make me what you want me to be
    I am your’s for you to use
    So take and replace me with you

    Needing more than just a jump start to get me through
    My disconnection is now the issue…..

    I miss my first love bad and its driving me mad
    Just like a mixed up crazy person out of his head
    Its been a long, long time I’ve been on the decline
    I do an a-bout face so I can be replaced.

    This heart it wants to beat
    These Lungs they want to breathe
    These eyes they want to see
    Gotta Mouth that wants to sing

    Desperation, needing you
    Every last breath I scream for you
    Shatter me into a million pieces…Make me new

    Crush me, tear me, break me, mold me
    Make me what you want me to be
    I am your’s for you to use
    Oh, Take and Replace me with you

    One for the body,
    Two for the soul,
    Three to get ready now go, go, go!

    Replace me!

    Needing you…

    Needing you
    Every last breath
    I scream for you
    Shatter me into a million pieces…Make me new

    Crush me, tear me, break me, mold me
    Make me what you want me to be
    I am your’s for you to use
    So take and replace me with you (YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!)

    ….ok, this is me again….
    They have a new CD and i forgot the song, but youtube they’re new album. There is a song on there that absolutely glorifies God. But also. When you get on there wikipedia page, it shows that this song was wrote before they were a christian band. And if you look at the drum set, it says ” the phamily” which was there name before becoming a christian band.

    p.s. Watch what ya say around my momma!
    She raised me in the DIRTY south!

  7. Mystie says:

    The lyrics ryne posted on here you can get on youtube and type in family force 5 (replace me), it is a great song. Parts of it are hard rock, just to warn people. FF5 never intended it to be a christian song in the first place. Read the lyrics to the post above mine, duh!! I wonder what they are talking about!!! I can name many christian artists that have made songs that have never once made a refernce about God. No the Kuntry Gentleman song is not a christian song, but there is not one person that has poste on here that does not occasionally listen to a song that is not all about God. If you say you do then you are not telling the truth. People like different forms of music. Right now me and my children are into the christian rock genre. If people are going to have a problem with with a christian band that has a song that does not say God 500 times, like many other bands I know, then we probably need to lock ourselves up in a box. Besides, who we are we to judge where their heart is? We should be judged also for not talking about God to everyone we come in contact with every day.

  8. Shane says:

    OK! Let me speak on this matter.

    First of all, the first video is absolutely hilarious. I like it when the guy uses the mullet to knock the other guy out, that’s funny. Although, I will have to agree with Bill, it does not glorify God. With that being said, I don’t see anything really wrong with the song itself. There are a lot worse songs out there than this one. There is no kissing, back-stabbing, snobby attitudes in this video like you would see on something like Hannah Montana, but that is a whole different topic.

    Now, the second song does glorify God in the lyrics, but it also glorifies a culture of language and attitude. This is something I struggle to define in Christianity. Let me explain for a moment. I don’t think Christianity is as dull and boring as I may make it out to be in some peoples eyes. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a personality. What I am saying is you don’t incorporate Christ into a secular culture or behavior to make Christ look cool or “down wit it”; you know what I mean? Listen, believe it or not, I was a pretty “cool cat” myself at one time. Yeh!I used to lean down in my seat when I drove my car. But, I died and I’m still killing that man today, so that Christ may live in my place! I just think the goal of this attitude and language is to portray yourself, in the flesh, as cool. I will admit that this is a great song with awesome music to go along with it. Made me want to slide down my seat again (a little bit) and that is my point, when the song starts influencing a behavior that can’t walk in the spirit, it is useless.

    I’m with you on this one Bill, the lyrics swayed my vote.

    P.S. I would look into other options altogether if you ask me.

    Ryan, “watch what ya say around my momma”, that was funny. I was raised in the dirty south too!

  9. lifecypha says:

    Well, I know when I’m beat. I guess I just needs to chill. I pray that as we go forward that God would grant us the discernment to choose the things that give Him glory.(I’m talking mostly about me) Thanks to everyone brave enough to post on this subject. If
    you’re just now getting in on the discussion feel free to post your thoughts also.

    I can’t believe my boi Cooke didn’t come get my back on this one!

  10. lifecypha says:

    Your not saying that leaning down in your seat when drive makes you less of a Christain are you?lol!(I’m in trouble then). I don’t think that the culture is influencing these guys in a negative way. No way are the lyrics of this song “cool” to any secular culture.What these guys are doing is what most of us won’t, and that is engaging a neglected culture with the Gospel.

    Point being that Hip-hop is a culture in our society today that needs to reached for Jesus.The culture itself doesn’t need to be changed,but it’s the hearts of the individuals in that culture that need to be regenerated,just like the farmer dude down the road, or the rich dude at the country club.I wouldn’t expect the famer to stop wearing overalls and stop farming after he was converted, just like I don’t expect Flame and Lecrae to stop rapping or wearing oversized T’s because they have been converted. they’re just doing what they know, and they’re doing it for God’s glory.

    Check these guys out a little more and you’ll see we’ve got alot more in common with them than you think.

    PS. I could’ve swore I seen you “leaning” the other day when we left work.

  11. Shane says:

    Bill, your comparing apples to oranges brother. Your comparing overalls and farming to hip-hop and over sized T’s, come on.

    Lyrics don’t portray the attitude, it is the one that sings the lyrics. How you portray yourself in public tells me a lot about you, that includes farmers. Would you agree? Trying to be “cool” is trying to be “cool” no matter how you slice it. Is “cool” a culture or an attitude? That is the question.

    I would put these guys in the same category as the Christian Motorcycle Association. You know, bandanas, cut off shirts, and a Harley! In their effort to reach the bikers who are neglected as well.

    Maybe I’m to plain, or maybe this means I’m not cool. Let’s just preach the word. It was good enough for Paul.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love these guys and the bikers too. I just have a hard time respecting these attitudes, in the name of Christ.

    Yeh! I gots to lean a little yo! lol

  12. lifecypha says:

    Paul spoke to people in a way that they could understand the Gospel according to that culture.(1 Cor.9:22)These guys are doing the same thing only to a different culture. They are not compromising the Word and they are exalting Christ. Trust me, they are not considered cool in this culture because they are believers. I’m not sure I’m seeing a wrong attitude from them.If anything I would love to see people around here have the same passion and desire to spread the gospel as these guys.
    Now having said that, there are a group of “christian” rappers (and rockers) that are influenced by the culture and that has caused them to compromise their message in order to remain street credible, and that is wrong. But these guys are different. They are reformed in their theology and are passionate about that like us.

    This is coming from the most un-coolest guy you will ever meet too.

    PS. Most if not all of the CMA guys I know are armenians, so that’s a big difference to me between the two groups.

    PSS. I told Mystie the reason you used to lean was so the po-po wouldn’t see ya!lol

    PSSS. Mystie said don’t be talkin bad about Hannah Montana either.

  13. historicprotestant says:

    There we go! I was trying to get somebody fired up over Hannah Montana.

    “Po-Po”, that’s funny.

    Again, I have hard time respecting these attitudes. That’s all.

    To God be the glory!

    PS. Tell Mystie I wasn’t talking bad about Hannah Montana, I was only describing what takes place on the show. lol

  14. cooke says:

    Ok Ok. Gues who’s bizzack, yo! It’s your boy B.C., on her for J.C.
    I have giving this and what was talked about today at our meeting a lot of thought. First off let me say this, Shane I dont think that the Flame have the thuggish street mentality attitude that most rappers do. I love Lecrae’s music and think that it glorifies God to the fullest in a culture that is known for degrading women, spitting ’bout violence and drugs. Secondly in response to George, I think this is alot different then going to a sporting event, sniper competition, yeah I said it, or other worldly event. We are talking about a Christian Music act who’s focus in life is their call to perform music as away to share the Gospel, but you here no Gospel message at all in FF5. This song anyway. Thirdly, yes we all listen to music that we probably shouldn’t, but I would never evangelize without using God’s name and His message. This is the first song that I have ever heard from FF5, never knew who they were, but I would tell you that if not for the fact of Bill saying they were christian I would not have guessed it. You only might get one chance to share with people who you are and what God has done for you, I didn’t see God at all in FF5! Funny yes. Godly no! And if that is how you label yourself to reach people, then it must be about God in every aspect of your
    “music ministry”. That is how it is with our “radio ministry”, all about God for the Glory of God when we do it. I say this in the love of christ, Cooke.

    p.s. Don’t be ashamed to lean bro, it’s good for the soul, relax… look out the window, let the praises flow, as you roll….down the street…. giving heaps , of, praise to J.C… who deserves all the glory,… from you, you and me! Yes i got skills! No Ryne it didn’t take me all day to come up with that it just comes natural! LOL!!

  15. Ryne says:

    sure…. jk

  16. katelyn says:

    Hey,this is my first time leaving a comment but i am sorry but i love that ff5 song it might not glorfy god but it is funny and ff5 has a song that does glorify god and i dont want anyone to get mad at me but i like that song alot!!!!!!!!

  17. katelyn says:

    hey whats up! that flame song joyful noise is my favorite song in the whole wide world i love that song it rox

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