Why is it pt2……………..

Posted: July 13, 2008 in General Discussion

1)Sunday’s go by too fast?

2)The more I read the dumber I feel?

3)We want to take credit for things only God can do?

4)So hard to pray sometimes?

5)I only trust a very few people?


Feel free to discuss………….

  1. angel says:

    1.You are right Sunday’s go by way tooo fast. I should like Monday’s but they are hard for me.
    2.I wish I could understand what I read I think thats my problem. I think thats why I listen to what other people say so much.(which is wrong.)
    3.I don’t know bout this one. I know I’m nothing without God and I can do nothing without God.
    4.That is the only thing I can do you know I can do some serious talking so when I pray it takes a while. I’m so thankful when everyone else lets me down I can always count on him.
    5.Trust no one here in this world. I’ve been taught this over and over again. Put all your trust and faith in God. People here they are not the same all the time situations and circumstances change them so it is very hard. You could talk to someone and trust them as much (as you can trust someone). You can talk to the same person that you thought you knew inside and out,and 10 years from now they are diffrent. Noone stays the same but God does. Praise him for that.

  2. Christie says:

    1. Sundays go by so fast because we are USUALLY doing something we want to be doing… Work days, not so much what we WANT to be doing so they drag a bit and Saturdays are usually Chock-Full of errands and checklists of things to be done…but in ALL things we need to spend every minute wisely since once it’s spent, we never get it back.
    2. The more I read the dumber I feel… I’d say that’s because for all of our knowledge and pride, we don’t KNOW IT ALL YET!!! (EXCEPT for those chosen few who say they do… haha)
    3. Again, that whole Human Pride thing…We are ALL so guilty to think we are so much more than we are. I never truly understood that perspective until I had kids and watching them grow up…then remembering all those foolish words, actions or choices I made along the way… hmmmmmm…
    4. I find it’s hard to pray when I REALLY WANT THE OUTCOME I FEEL IS BEST!!! But know that it really doesn’t mean anything when you stack it up to God’s Will and His Providence…I mean really? Who am I to make suggestions to God? And yet, I still find myself doing just that. How arrogant am I? Forgive me, Lord.
    5. Trusting People…hmmmm…I find that few people are indeed trustworthy…probably viewed as a cynical take on this one. However, Experience can sometimes be a Fantastic Teacher. I pray that people find me more trustworthy than many who I have deemed trustworthy only to find out later they INDEED were NOT!

    Interesting and thought provoking…thanks for the topic!

    God Bless To You and Your Family…

  3. Mystie says:

    1. Sundays go by so fast because we are doing something that we truly love, and that is worshipping God. Another reason it goes by fast is because I am with my family on Sundays. My parents and niece have been going to church with us for over a month now. We always eat together after church which usually lasts for over a hour. Not gonna complain I love being with my family.
    2.I must be the only one that does not feel dumb after they read!! LOL!!
    3.People want to take credit for everything, because I think sometimes we are too scared to say it was God for fear they may think we are crazy. Especially if that person is a non-believer.
    4.My problem is I have so much to pray about that sometimes I don’t know where to get started, and waiting until I am too tired to pray, which is a bad excuse.
    5.I don’t trust many people at all. I do know the ones that I can trust without a doubt are my parents and my husband. Women don’t trust other women because they like to gossip too much. I don’t know why men have a problem trusting other men.
    6. Can anyone explain why men do not sit beside each other in the movies, but girls do? That is a question to ponder because I will never understand that one!!

  4. angel says:

    6. Men are scared what people are thinking about them sitting together.LOL. Women don’t care what other people are thinking they are too busy talking so they don’t really think about it. But men don’t talk so they have nothing to take their minds off of what people are thinking. LOL that my thoughts about it. Whatcha think?

  5. lifecypha says:

    From Mystie: Angel you are probably right. It must be an unwritten rule for men. The same rule probably applies to them not wanting to stop and ask for directions!!!

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