John Piper on the prosperity Gospel

Posted: July 4, 2008 in Video

Apart from Jesus, John Piper is most responsible for where I’m at today in my walk with God. I can’t explain how much of an influence he has had on my life and the way I view God. I know some of you are probably saying “you shouldn’t follow a man”, let me re-assure I don’t, but I cannot deny the effect Pastor John Piper has had on me. God has used this man in a mighty way.


  1. Ariah Fine says:

    Sorry, random question…

    Any chance you’ve got some old tapes of John Piper at a Passion conference back in the early 90’s?

    I’m trying to track down a couple sermons that were instrumental in my faith. I think they were titled:
    Did Christ Die for Us or for God?
    God is Most Glorified in Us, When we are most satisfied in Him.

    Just combing the blogosphere trying to find those tapes.

  2. Ariah Fine says:

    P.S. and no, they aren’t available at

  3. lifecypha says:

    I personally do not have those sermons. the only thing I can think of ,and you’ve probably already tried, is to email Desiring God and see if they can’t track one down for you. I’ve got a freind in Louisville who was listening to Piper way be fore me. I’ll holla at him and see if he might know something. I too am looking for a particular sermon he preached at a conference and can’t find it anywhere. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  4. daughterbygrace says:

    Amen! Wow! God is glorified and beautiful when like Piper said in the midst of loss we praise Him for He is ENOUGH! Wow! We should have hate for the prosperity gospel…it is not the truth!

  5. bones says:

    awesome post!

    it is so hard to praise Him in troublesome times, but that is when we need Him most. piper is right, “God is enough”!!! it makes me think of another casting crowns song “praise You in this storm”. He is definitely glorified more when we praise Him through the storms in our lives.

    also like the bible verse for today Matthew 5:23-24

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