A Healthy Church Member

Posted: July 1, 2008 in General Discussion

This will be one I check out for sure.


I know what some of you thinking, and yes I will read it. I’ve got 9 more in front of it but I will read it.

  1. Angel says:

    Sounds like a good book. I think what we were talking about last night about a meeting before becoming a member so you know exactly what the church is about and the pastor and elders know what you are about is a GREAT idea. But if the church is going to do this every member should be notified of this new way of doing things and NO ONE should be singled out eveyone should have to go through the process. After thinking about it I think it is a wonderful idea and this book will help with this. Sorry if no one uderstands what I’m talking about maybe you will
    Love ya,

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