New Perspectives

Posted: June 29, 2008 in General Discussion, Theology

Maybe I’m weird (ok, I know I am). But I found this very interesting. I wonder why we don’t do something like this in our churches today. I think there is something beautiful in seeing the personal salvation experience and theology work together. Any one agree?……………………………anyone care?

  1. Marsha says:

    I agree with this! This is awesome! I think it would benefit the body of Christ to come to a point where great deals of people love to think deeply like this and connect personal salvation experience and theology. Before two years ago in Wed night class, I did not like to discuss in detail the word of God because it seemed so distant to me. However, up to date, I love discussing the word of God…but only because I once (two years ago) experienced how God reveals himself to us when we focus all our thoughts on Him. It takes alot of thinking all of the time, but it is good exercise for our brains and I believe that it brings us to a place where you truly see that the Bible is not an old invalid book…it is precious and just as valid today as it was years and years ago.

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