This bothers me, what about you.

Posted: June 25, 2008 in General Discussion, Theology

Pastor Josh Buice posted this article on his blog(DBG) the other day, and CBS news led of their newscast with this story that same night. I have seen little discussion on it though. Should we be concerned?

  1. Angel says:

    One of my friends sent this article to me. But I saw alot of discussion. I think Westboro is misled and I think we all need to pray for them. They told me I was going to hell last year when I walk through their protesting in Woodbury. I think they make thierselves look very ignorant. But again that just what I think. They knew nothing about me. Do they think they are God? Because He would be the only one that truely knows if I’m going to Heaven or Hell.

  2. historicprotestant says:

    1% would be unacceptable! 31% is unbearable, when it comes to opposing what is biblical to the Christian faith. To believe this, means to deny Christ, for He is the One who proclaims these truths.

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