Why is it……..?

Posted: June 23, 2008 in General Discussion

1)so hard to find a home church for me and my family?

2)humility and love are the hardest characteristics for believers to portray?

3)unity has become more important than sound doctrine?

4)the gospel is no longer powerful enough to save?

5)I never finish what I start?


Any thoughts?

  1. Marsha says:

    great questions….please let me know when you find answers!

  2. bones says:

    i got one for ya

    6)so hard to witness to lost friends?

    this should be so easy! i’ve got friends that need God. why can i not share His love with them? i get around them and try to witness but all that comes out is the same ole friendly chit-chat we’re used to. casting crowns has a song(not sure of the name, maybe Here I Go Again?) but it’s about this same topic.
    bro. nick touched on this sunday and he said we can’t really focus on everyone else until we’re satisfied with ourselves. maybe that’s it. maybe my life is not exactly where it should be?
    i know this sounds like a diary entry lol, but your post got me thinkin bout it and i wanted to share.

  3. lifecypha says:

    Click the “Way of the Master” banner to the right and it will take you to a sight that will teach you how to share you faith effectively. They have alot of resources too. I’ve got the dvd’s to season1 if you’d like to watch them. I hope this helps.

  4. Marsha says:

    I know how you feel, bones. It is so difficult to witness to the ones we love the most. That sounds backwards. Shouldn’t it be easier…in a perfect world, it would be. One thing I had to learn was that we are never going to be satisfied with ourselves. There will always be growing that needs to occur. Even once the vices that we feel we have today are gone; there will be new things we will be convicted of that we realize need to go next. Not to mention that we will never be “good” enough to share the gospel with anyone let alone the ones we love the most. That is so amazing to me. Almighty God Himself, who needs no help with His mission, pours His Holy Spirit into us so that the world can see His glory through broken vessels such as ourselves. I think we have to realize that we will never be worthy, but that He will use our worthlessness to demonstrate His glory! It is when we turn over complete control to Him that we can be used as merely vessels and tools to speak to those we love. I am sorry. I started out responding, but I have diverged into typing this to myself. Isn’t it funny how we can know all of these truths, and yet, we still let ourselves get in the way. I wish I could learn to forgive myself. I see the awful in myself (the stupid things I say and do), and it is so sad that I only see that when the ones I love are around. I know how it feels to feel like you can never share your faith with those closest to you because they really know you best. However, I think that is when we can really be real. When witnessing we are merely sharing God’s glory –that He would even save someone as wretched as ourselves. We are not perfect Christians, but we are merely saved sinners saved by a grace we will never deserve and will never earn. Astounding!

  5. angel says:

    WOW! marsha thats pretty good stuff you wrote. Chris I know exactly how you feel. My fear is I will tell them wrong.
    Love ya’ll,

  6. Cooke says:

    I to must say that Marsha had a great response. But let me say this too and it is no excuse not to witness to family but it is scripture. Jesus Christ had a hard time witnessing to his own as well! And so imagine how hard it will be for us to as well! Our family and friends know us better than of any. They know where we once were in our fulness of sin and it is hard to share with them the truth for that reason. The Way of the Master series Bill eluded too early has a great teaching on how to do that. A brief synopsis of it says that maybe one of your friends can witness to them and then you to theirs. It is a pretty simple plan but truly effective. So maybe try that you guys and see how that goes over. Gotta go. In the Love of Christ.

  7. lifecypha says:

    I stole this from the “Historic Protestant”, who stole it from monergism


    Since we can’t save anyone, we don’t really have to worry about saying the wrong thing. Saying nothing is far worse.Just be obedient to the Holy Spirit.

    Sola Deo Gloria!!

  8. Marsha says:

    Amen! 🙂

  9. bones says:

    very good stuff

    glad to see i’m not the only one that struggles with this.

  10. bones says:

    you were right. exellent site. i would like to borrrow those dvds

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