Sunday’s Message

Posted: June 17, 2008 in General Discussion

It is a rare thing that I’m still contemplating a message preached on Sunday mornings on Tuesday morning, but such is the case this morning. Bro. Josh preached a message Sunday from the book of Joshua. He talked about how Achan’s sin led to the destruction of his entire family. I’ve always realized the importance of the role the father in the household, but I’ve never thought about how one sin could lead to the destruction of my family. I thank Bro. Josh for his willingness to preach this “hard” message to us fathers. His final point also left a lasting impression on me, he  mentioned that we “only get one shot as fathers”. I pray that I’m still contemplating this message tomorrow morning.

Sola Deo Gloria!!

  1. bones says:

    i’ve thought about this alot since i’ve had kids. we do, as fathers need to realize the importance of our roles in our families. the closer we walk with God, the easier it is to keep our families safe. GREAT post!

  2. lifecypha says:

    We couldn’t do it without Him, could we?

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