Black Conservatives may vote for Obama

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Politics


I’m a huge J.C. Watts fan, and would vote for him today if was running. So I listen when he speaks. any thoughts…..?



  1. historicprotestant says:

    I wouldn’t call them conservatives, if they actually do vote for Obama! I would call it a liberial compromise, because I don’t see anything conservative from where I am standing.

    Clearly a racial vote don’t you think, although I haven’t read this article. So my comments are directed towards the title.

  2. lifecypha says:

    In the article, they admit that they idealogically oppose Obama, but they don’t see McCain as a strong conservative either. I assume that they’re saying if they don’t agree with either idealogically, then social issues would probably be the next test in determing which way to vote. I’m sure McCain will get his share of racially motivated votes also.

  3. historicprotestant says:

    Well, when it comes down to the moderates you may have a point with the racially motivated votes.
    But, the way I hear it is that liberals who oppose Obama aren’t going to vote at all. Now, I can see black conservatives voting for Obama, but you won’t see any white hardcore liberals voting for McCain because of race. “Momma didn’t vote for no Republican and niether will I”. That’s just politics.

    When did we start talking politics? Where is the theology?

    I think that will be my next post, “Where Is The Theology?”

    Bill, you know I have typed more on your blog than I have on mine. I got to get busy.

  4. lifecypha says:

    LOL! I keep waiting on you to post somthing for me to respond to. Trust me, this will not be a political blog spot. And I probably wouldn’t have posted this article had J.C. Watts not commented in it.

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